Dear Parents!
We invite you and your child to join
the Secret Kingdom project.
The joy and delight of a child is the greatest gift!
Participation is FREE

how it works

Apply online
First please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions and submit an application. After indicating your interest online, our Secret Kingdom staff will contact you to schedule a time for your photo session.
Please note that children should be between the ages of 4-8. Both boys and girls are encouraged to participate!

Contact with our specialist
Our specialist will contact you shortly after you applied. You should answer the questions of our Crew. That needs us for prepare individual decoration to make this experience of photo session even more special to your child.
Photo session with the children
A personal photo session that combines the art of photography and fashion, so your child feels like royalty! The session will be held with a professional photographer and specifically designed for each child using scenery reflecting his/her personality. Each child will become the royal hero of his/her own fairy tale - after a short interview, one of our Secret Kingdom authors will write a short story about the child.
The time and place for each child will be negotiated individually. The photoshoot will last about 2 hours.

Receive the Book
Each child will receive a book as a keepsake memory of the experience, with photos and the story about himself/herself. Each book will contain 20-25 stories about different children.
Charity Fashion Show
Option to participate in our Charity Fashion Show in the costume designed by Evgenia Luzhina. All proceeds for the Charity Fashion Show will be donated to organizations serving children.
Announcement and Publicity
We will be happy to give you our love and attention, as well as help tell your story to a broader audience, as we promote the project.
We are going announce and publicity each our participant with her/his story on our website and social media to attract the attention of society to the problems of these children, to motivate on our own example to take active part in children' lives.

Top Reasons to Participate
  • Participation is FREE
  • Unique Experience
  • Individual Approach
  • Nice Gifts
  • Good Support

If you would like your child to participate, please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions and submit an application.
The Participants
This project is intended for children with medical conditions (children with Down syndrom, children with neuromusculoskeletal conditions, burn injuries and other special healthcare needs within a compassionate, children with cancer). This mission is carried out without regard to race, color, creed, sex or sect, disability, national origin.
All applicants must be age 4-8 to order to be qualified to participate.
Applicants are first come, first served. We can only offer spots in the first program to no more than 25 children.
The Photo Session
Each participant will get one photo session with a professional photographer and in costumes created by couture fashion designer Evgenia Luzhina. The time and place for each photo session will be negotiated individually.
The Book
Every participant will get an exclusive copy of a book that feature several pictures of your child from the photo sessions, as well as a short fairy tale about your child.
The book will consist of approximately 50 pages with 2 pages allocated for every child.
The book will be given to the participant only of the Secret Kingdom project and will not be available for purchase.

The Coverage
At this time, we are only considering applicants from DC Washington Area, Maryland, and Virginia. In the future, we will cover other states. We intend to make this a national project.
Every book will feature a personal get-well letter addressed personally to every child. All participants will also receive digital copies of all pictures taken at the photo shoot, including unformatted photos.
The Agreement
Parents and/or guardians agree to these terms and conditions by submitting an application.
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