the big idea
"Researchers studied the effects of granting wishes on children with medical conditions, and found significant improvements in hope, positive emotions, health-related quality of life and anxiety."
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How can we IMPROVE the lives of children with medical conditions?

Look Good - Feel Better

Secret Kingdom's mission is to help children with medical conditions feel like royalty through the power of fashion, photography and storytelling. We provide these children and their families the opportunity to become the hero of their own personal story with a photo shoot dressed in royalty costumes by couture fashion designer Evgenia Luzhina and a storybook keepsake to provide lasting memories of the experience. We want to tell the story of children living with medical conditions to attract the attention of a wider audience through Charity Fashion Shows. All proceeds from these shows will be donated to organizations supporting these children.
I am a Fashion Couture Designer. I have spent over 30 years creating costumes for theaters in Russia and the USA. I have many awards to my credit, included MD Best High Couture Designer, and my clothes have been shown around the country and around the world, including at New York Couture Fashion Week for 7 years in a row. But I want to do something more. As a mother and a grandmother, I am moved by children with medical conditions that affect their lives. I have started Secret Kingdom to contribute to these children's life experience as well as raise awareness by helping to tell their stories. My hope is to use my talents for good in this world.
Evgenia Luzhina, Founder 501(c)(3) Jenkas Fashion and Author of the Project
Evgenia Luzhina, Photo by Marianne Luther, Secret Kingdom
Give a child the OPPORTUNITY to live a DAY from the life of a prince or princess by mixing the ART of photography with FASHION and short fairy tales
Give a child the OPPORTUNITY to feel like as MODEL and be a part of ART and FASHION
Evgenia Luzhina, Photo by Marianne Luther, Secret Kingdom
Evgenia Luzhina, Photo by @dedalusandcrane, Secret Kingdom
Every CHILD will also get a BOOK that captures that DAY and that will be a source of great MEMORIES for years to come

SECRET KINGDOM is a very special project for very special children. We combine fashion, photography, and short fairy tales to create an unforgettable experience for children with medical conditions. We give the gift of a day of dress up and the memories that come with it. The Secret Kingdom provides photo sessions with truly marvelous dresses by couture fashion designer Evgenia Luzhina and captured by professional photographers. Each ROYAL princess or prince then becomes a hero in a custom-written fairy tale delivered in a hardcover book, the lasting keepsake of the moment.
There is a ROYAL in every CHILD.

how it works

Apply online
First please familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions and submit an application. Please note that children should be between the ages of 4-8. Both boys and girls are encouraged to participate!
Contact with our specialist
After indicating your interest online, our Secret Kingdom staff will contact you.
Photo session with children
The session will be held with a professional photographer and specifically designed for each child using scenery reflecting his/her personality, and in royalty costumes by couture fashion designer Evgenia Luzhina.
Receive the Book
Each child will receive a book as a keepsake memory of the experience, with photos and the story about himself/herself. Each book will contain 20-25 stories about different children.
Charity Fashion Show
Option to participate in our Charity Fashion Show in the costume designed by Evgenia Luzhina. All proceeds for the Charity Fashion Show will be donated to organizations serving children.
Announcement and Publicity
We will be happy to give you our love and attention, as well as help tell your story to a broader audience, as we promote the project. We are going announce and publicity each our participant with her/his story on our website and social media to attract the attention of society to the problems of these children, to motivate on our own example to take active part in children' lives.
You can help us
Carry out this project for children
who desperately need our attention and positive emotions. Join us in our unprecedented journey!
Here's how you can help us
We would be very grateful for any donation you would like to make to this project.
You can support us as a sponsor. We are offering any sponsorship levels.
Spread the word
We warmly invite you to spread the word about our unprecedented project. If you have a website, we would be most grateful if you would set up a link to our site or Facebook page @secretkingdominfo
We are also open for partnership suggestions on the basis of mutual benefit.
Let's help uncover the little ROYAL in every KID!
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Our Costumes
By Evgenia Luzhina, Couture Fashion Designer, Author of the Secret Kingdom Project

Photo by Tamara Knight

Photo by Tamara Knight
Photo by Tamara Knight
Our contacts
Feel free to write us if you have any questions.

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Executive Director

Natalya Russanova